Gil Humphrey's Interior Design Approach

Gil take great pride in his approach to the client/design process:

Initial meeting and consultation with the client. It is here that Gil learns the taste, styles and needs of the client and the project. The project may begin from an existing structure or in working directly with an architecture firm in the initial design of the structure.

Gil reviews the needs of the project and develops a design plan including drawings and sketches.

Once the space is developed, a furniture layout will be created and color schemes will be incorporated into the rendering of the rooms.

Gil will attend the furniture market and conduct an initial work-up of potential pieces that will enhance the space. The clients will then join Gil at market and review the selections and get a hands-on feel of the available furniture options.

Once the furniture and accessories are purchased, Gil will set up the final room. He will ensure that every last detail has been completed to make the space everything the homeowner dreamed it would become.

"We first met Gil at the very beginning of his career when he was working at a furniture store. We were highly impressed with Gil’s talents in decorating our home. Fabric selections, window treatments, carpets, furniture selections, furniture arrangements, and flower designs were so tasteful. Gil’s artistic abilities in sketching and showing how a room would look were also impressive.

Over the years, Gil has decorated four homes for us. In two of the four homes, we had custom plans drawn, using the services of architects. Gil worked closely with the architects in the design of the homes, with much success in the outcomes. The home in which we presently live was purchased through a realtor. Although 420 miles from Memphis, Gil chose new colors for all of the rooms, and worked closely with our general contractor designing various interior changes. Gil designed and installed draperies for the various rooms, and arranged all of the furniture and wall treatments when we moved into our present home."

"We give our very best recommendation for the work of Gil and Margie Humphrey. Their congenial and warm personalities make designing, decorating, and building a home enjoyable experiences!"

- Dr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Grise